Oracle: Patches – Datei im ORACE_HOME

Es ist nicht immer leicht, das Patchen. Aber es gibt auch Stoplersteine. Es wird nun beim Auspacken eine Datei PatchSearch.xml im ORACLE_HOME abgelegt. Diese zeigt wohl Oracle Cloud Control was Sache ist: Uploading Patches to Software Library Using the Cloud Control Console

Using this method, you can upload only a single patch at a time. Therefore, use this method only when you want to upload a few patches. Also, use this method when the sizes of the patches that you want to upload are small.

To upload a patch to Software Library using the Cloud Control console, follow these steps:

From the Enterprise menu, select Provisioning and Patching, then select Saved Patches.

Click Upload.

For Patch Zip File, specify the location of the patch zip file you downloaded onto your local host. If the patch zip file you downloaded contains the PatchSearch.xml file (a file containing patch metadata information such as patch ID, product, platform, language etc.), you do not need to specify a value for Patch Metadata. However, if the patch zip file you downloaded does not contain the PatchSearch.xml file, and you downloaded the patch metadata file onto your local host separately, for Patch Metadata, specify the location of the patch metadata file.

On a Unix based operating system, run the following command to verify whether the PatchSearch.xml file is contained within a patch zip file:

unzip -l <patch zip file path> | grep PatchSearch.xml

For information on how to download the patch metadata file of a patch, refer Section

Click Upload to upload the patch to Software Library.


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